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The Modern Romantic Podcast

The Modern Romantic podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts. Just look up "Modern Romantic" or choose from the list below. We stream our podcast live once a week on Mondays at: 5pm (PST) / 7pm (CST) / 8pm (EST)

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Meet the Hosts

Trey and Emily have been friends for many years. It all started when they both worked in the same men's clothing store and had a united dream to start a podcast. They both thought they were hilarious, so surely it would work! Eight years later, they finally did it.


Emily Kramer


Emily has always loved A Great Story. So much so, that being part of telling A Great Story became her quest.

At 11, she began creating backyard plays with the neighborhood kids and made all the costumes. As an adult, she followed her quest through theater as a costume director, traveled through history with reenactors, through cinema in short film, and with musicians in music videos. Also delving into fashion design, she designed a few clothing lines, showing at NY Fashion Institute of Technology, Savannah College of Art and Design, Charlotte Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week.

Currently, Emily is a podcaster with The Modern Romantic, and a photographer, allowing her to create her own Great Stories, usually in the form of epic fantasy photos. Her background of historical costume design tends to bleed over into her modern-day artistic endeavors.

Follow Emily on Instagram and Facebook under @emilykramerart


Trey Pittman


Trey is an internationally accomplished and professionally-trained vocal performer in both opera and voice over productions. Having earned a master's degree in vocal performance from the University of Nebraska, Trey is great fun to have at karaoke night.

While his first love is opera, Trey's favorite song Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" may come as a pleasant surprise or perhaps a shock if you're lucky enough to hear him perform it. It's an unexpected  delight for the ears.

Currently, Trey is a podcast host with The Modern Romantic podcast, a voice over artist, and a world renown dragon slayer until he provides a more updated bio for this website.

You may follow his work online and request autographs under the name OrphyTunes on YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram.

Podcast: Team Members

Are you an artist? Storyteller? Creator? Musician? Weirdo? Or do you know one?

We want to know!

We're looking for passionate people doing amazing things to be on our podcast. Fill out the form below so we can potentially make it happen!

Is this you?

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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