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Created to focus on better times, sweeter moments, and incredible imagery.


A Menagerie of Imaginatives

You might be surprised what you'll find in the pages each quarter.

Woman Outdoors

Fantastical Beauty

From the art of talented photographers, models, and FX makeup artists, we bring you some of the most incredible fantasy images from all over the world.


The Little Things

Simpler times do not have to exist merely  in memory or book. We've got some great ideas to bring back those notions now.

Portrait of a Medieval Warrior

Rugged Life

Some of the more fascinating people are the ones clad in rustic linen and wielding a sword. We're here to show you their inside world.

Image by SwapnIl Dwivedi


A passion for the arts would not be complete without getting to know the people who create. Read interviews, insight, and see the magic behind the scenes. Occasional tutorials as well!

Image by Nong Vang


Storytelling, poetry, and prose -

Read to someone special by firelight?
Under the blankets in the dark?
Rowing a boat across the lake?

The art of the written and spoken word, brought to life so we can all get carried away.

Image by Linus Sandvide


A gleam in the eye. A spark of whimsy. Where will our curiosities take us?
Faraway lands and fantastic places!


Our friendships will be your friendships

We are proudly partnering with artisans passionate about what they do. Our friends in various industries create the most amazing things, and we want to bring them right to your world. At Modern Romantic, we believe in quality and supporting small business. We’re always interested to receive photos of these items in your world (email to info@modernromanticmag.com). We may feature some of them, but most importantly, we pass them along to the artisans. Buying here, you're supporting small businesses, actual humans, and impacting real lives. Thank you, sincerely.